Love Your Mother

I’m blogging today because my oldest son asked me to. I awoke this morning thinking of his request and I could not go back to sleep. My first thought was, I really don’t have anything that important to say and tried to blow off the idea of blogging. Then the thought came to me, what if no one ever shared a song because they weren’t good enough. I don’t know that we ever feel good enough and maybe we’re not, but we’ll never touch anyone’s heart unless we share. So here goes.

 My Mom passed away a little over a year ago. One of her requests at her funeral was to have her children sing a song she had taught us as children. One of my sisters felt strongly that her wish be fulfilled, but the rest of us felt it wasn’t that appropriate and we really couldn’t recall the words. It was left off the program, to my sister’s dismay. As I prepared my remarks, the thought kept coming to my mind “share the song”, but I kept thinking, “I’m not going to sing that and I don’t remember the words anyway”.

“Go on line and look them up”, the thought was driving me nuts. So my wife went online and somehow found the words. With the words to the song, I remembered the tune Mom sang to me from the time I could recall from so many years ago.

Then the negative thoughts started coming. “You don’t have time to teach this to your grandchildren or your children. Your siblings aren’t going to sing it. It’s not even on the program. You certainly aren’t going to sing a solo.”

Right up until the morning of the funeral, I kept putting the idea out of my mind. Finally, I said to myself, “Who cares if I don’t sound like Bing Crosby, I will do it for Mom and anyone else who appreciates it”. The thought of singing a solo was much more frightening than the thought of speaking….without accompaniment, never!

I remember thinking as I stood there at the pulpit, here goes nothing and who cares.

A Little Boy’s Walk

By Emilie Poulsson

A little boy went walking

One lovely summer’s day:

He saw a little rabbit

That quickly ran away;


He saw a shining river

Go winding in and out,

And little fishes in it

Were swimming all about;


And, slowly, slowly turning,

The great wheel of the mill;

And then the tall church steeple,

The little church so still;


The bridge above the water;

And when he stopped to rest,

He saw among the bushes

A wee ground-sparrow’s nest.


And as he watched the birdies

Above the tree-tops fly,

He saw the clouds a-sailing

Across the sunny sky.


He saw the insects playing;

The flowers that summer brings;

He said, “I’ll go tell mamma!

I’ve seen so many things!”

Beulah and Jan Graf 1944

My Mom & I in 1944

Mom was always happy to hear of our day and what we had experienced.   My Mom taught me to see and love this beautiful world Heavenly Father has given to us to live in.

 So many people commented on the song and how the message touched them. My sister, Laura, was delighted and even the rest of the family seemed pleasantly surprised. I know my dear Mother was extremely happy. She was fun loving, kind, gentile and very beautiful and taught me to love the Lord and his Gospel. Love your mother. I do. Have a great New Year 2015!