A stay at home Mom

Over the past 70 + years since World War II, women have moved into the work place and many feel frustrated that they are expected to be a wife, homemaker and mom, rather than competing with men in the work place.  For many the rewards, satisfaction of accomplishments, appreciation are much greater at work than being a homemaker.  Obvious there are some women who would love to be a stay at home Mom, but for whatever the reason, they have to work outside the home.  If you have the choice don’t forget the big picture of what the purpose of life really is.

The Lord God spake unto Moses,… For behold, this is my work and my glory– to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. (Moses 1:39)   Everything that God has created, the Universe, is for this purpose, that we, his spirit children may return to live with him forever.  He has a plan in which we would come to earth, get a physical body, teach our physical body to obey our spirit, as our spirit is obedient to Him.  It is extremely important to him that we choose to obey rather than be forced to obey, as  Lucifer wanted.

Christ’s plan was to have a man and a woman  marry, procreate and raise children, teaching them His Gospel, that they might continue to bring Heavenly Father’s spirit children here from one generation to the next and so on.   This is a beautiful plan that works to accomplish God’s desire for his children.  When we come to this earth as tiny infants, totally dependent on our mother for every need that we have, we are so vulnerable.

As a woman becomes a mother, one of the gifts our Father in Heaven gives her is the instinct to nurture, to mother the newborn babe.  This is found in all of the animal kingdom but seems to be most pronounced in mankind.  I have observed my cattle as they raise their calves.  A cow will have a calf and will lick it and nurture it, encourage it to nurse and be very protective of it.  The calf will be up and walking within minutes after birth, wobbly at first but within days able to keep up with the cow.  Within a year, it is totally independent of its mother, and within another year, if the calf is a female, she is ready to be a mom.  A child is just learning to walk at about a year and still needs years of care and nurturing, and preparation to be on its own.  This is why Moms are such an important part of Christ’s plan.  We need Moms to give us a warm cozy place to develop our tiny little delicate bodies, then as we come into this world we need someone to nurture us and feed us and change our messy diapers and love us and make us happy as we grow.  Someone to be patient with us as we explore and learn how to use our new bodies in this huge amazing world that we have come to live in from the presence of Heavenly Father.   He trusts his daughters to do all the things he would like to do for us, but can’t because that would take away our ability to choose to be good even when we are not with Him.  Heavenly Father must love us so very much to give us our mothers.

Another thing, a woman’s work is never done for no matter how good the meal is she fixed for her family or how fresh the laundry smells that she washed and folded, she  has to do it again and again, day after day, year after year. Sometimes husbands don’t appreciate their wives and all they do and sometimes children don’t appreciate their moms and all they do for them. Can you imagine how much hearing the words, “thank you” and other words of appreciation would help?   A smile and a helping hand would ease the heavy load a woman has as a wife and mother.   When moms and wives aren’t appreciated, they feel used and taken advantage of and they question why they do all the things they do for the family.  They see women in the work place that seem to be appreciated and looked upon with high regard and they decide they would like to feel appreciated and get paid, and wear nice clothes.

No matter what the accomplishments and successes might be for the woman in the work place, it cannot compare to the joy and happiness that comes from watching our children raising our 25 grandchildren up to be beautiful successful children of our Father in Heaven and knowing My sweetheart did her part in the beautiful Plan of Happiness.  Yes, a Woman’s place is in the home and we should treat her with all the dignity and honor we would a noble Queen, which she is.  If you moms can remember that you are in a partnership with God to help your children get a body and come back to live with Him, it will be much easier to be a “stay at home Mom.”