Great to be appreciated

Gretchen and I have had a busy week with the opportunity to help people in southern California find out what the stress is in their lives and how to deal with it by using the principle of forgiveness.  The Olson’s were so gracious and hospitable to us and appreciative of what we were able to do for their family and friends.  We loved every minute of the week.  The weekend was spent in northern Utah with family and friends.  We were excited to meet our 25th grand child, Fisher Tyler Graf and stay with our 24th grand child Gwen, her Mom and Dad and her two brothers and two sisters.  We enjoyed our daughter Megan’s three youngest children going with us to be with cousins.  Buck and Julie are great hosts.  We loved the opportunity to share Graf Stress Management with a group of very appreciative folks at Kathy’s home in Centerville on Saturday. What Love we felt from everyone there!  At church on Sunday with our family in Alpine, we were approached by a lady who had been to see me over 20 years ago, to let us know that her visit to us had changed her life and had been such a blessing in her marriage as well.  Yes, it is great to be appreciated and I appreciate them for all they have done for me.

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