Man’s responsibility is to forgive

This is one of my favorite poems regarding forgiveness.  This is an English translation of a Scottish Poet Robert Burns.  It actually reads better in the  English version.  I hope you like it and put it into practice.  I try to forgive and allow  people the free agency to be less than perfect and let the Lord be the judge.  Are not all of us sinners?

Therefore look gently on men, And even more gently on women.
Although they may go a little wrong, Do not condemn them.
Above all consider not merely what they have done, But why.
God alone has the power to look into a human heart,
To judge actions and motives and regrets.
He alone knows not only what one has done and why,
But what one has resisted doing and why–
Man’s responsibility is to forgive:
Only God has the authority to judge.
– Robert Burns

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